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New Security Questions!

Effective May 2nd, you will be prompted and required to set up new security questions for your home banking account. You will only be asked to set up these questions once.  Each time you log in after, you will be required to answer one of the security questions if you are logging in from an unregistered device. You may opt to register your personal device for permanent use. Once you have registered your device, you will not have to answer a security question.  Please keep your answers in a secure place.

These changes are necessary for a for a higher level of security and is an additional way to keep your online banking account secure!



Does your account have any e~Alerts setup?

e~Alerts allow you to better manage your finances by being informed of important activity on your account. You may alert on items such as Deposits, Withdrawals, Check Clearing, Pending transactions or setup to be reminded of a special event or occasion.

Login and click on the e~Alerts tab to add an e~Alert to your account using either your mobile phone number or email today!

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NOTE: Multiple failures to provide the correct answer will lock out your account.

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