Need extra cash?  What would you do with an extra $6,000?

  •     -Pay Off Credit Cards/Loans with Higher Interest Rates
  •       -Dream Family Vacation
  •       -Home Renovations
  •       -School College Tuition Expenses
  •       -Car Repairs
  • Whatever your need we may be able to lend you up to $6,000 for 60 months at 6% APR.

Limited Time Offer available until October 31, 2018.

For more information call us or stop by our office.


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Refinance Your Auto Loan and Free Up Some Cash   

                                      Get out from under your overpriced auto loan and refinance with us.

                                       By doing so, you'll:

                                       -Lower monthly payments and free up some cash.

                                       -Pay less interest over the course of your loan.

                                       -Get the convenience of having your loan at the credit union.

                                       Loan rates as low as 3.60% APR

                                       For more information call us or stop by our office.

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