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Thanksgiving:  the credit union office will be closed 10 a.m., Thursday November 24 and Friday November 25, 2016.

Winter Holiday:  the credit union will be closed 10 a.m., Monday December 26, 2016 to Tuesday January 3, 2017


ATTENTION: Christmas is not far off.  If you need extra cash, don't forget you can take out a small signature loan.  It cost less than putting it on a credit card.  Contact the credit union for more information.

Don't forget the credit union offers 0% computer loans to MRIGlobal staff, with a credit union membership.  Contact the credit union or Janet Wikle in HR for details.

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The Credit Union offers 0% Computer Loans to all MRIGlobal staff with a credit union membership.  A new computer will make a wonderful Christmas gift.


Loan applications are on the website,under the rate tab, fill them out on line and submit them by fax 816-360-2460, mail them or drop them by the office.

If you have questions please contact us @ or 816-360-5209



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