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From our Family to Yours:

Thank you so much for being a member with Members 1st Credit Union!  Your membership and support in this community is the greatest gift we could have ever wished for.  This year has been a wild ride from start to finish and we wouldn't have been able to do it without your patience and good spirits.  May your holiday season be filled with great food and even greater people.

With love,

Members 1st Credit Union


WOW! Our new car rate is only 2.99%* AND we have "no money down" financing for the price of a new car **that gets at least 25 miles per gallon.  Now is the time to get a pre-approval.  Are you planning to get a car within the next few months? Come on in and fill out that application now so you don't have to wait when you go to the dealers.  Plus you'll have numbers to compare.  Something else to keep in mind......our GAP insurance is priced way lower, usually by at least half the dealers' prices.

*Annual percentage rate     **Manufacturer's suggested retail price

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Also important:  if your account is linked to another account, confirm that you can see everything you're supposed to see.  Visa accounts are not cross linked.  In other words, to see your spouse's (for example) VISA you have to log into the spouse's account.   Call Evelyn if you have any questions.  Thanks!       



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