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Remember that you should now have a more secured password that YOU set up AFTER MARCH 1, 2017.  Call the credit union (802.257.5131) if you have any difficulty logging into your account.

To access your VISA card info click on www.ezcardinfo.com
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ATTENTION!  Please continue to check your account information for accuracy.  After you log into home banking make sure the mailing address is current and that we have your email address on our system.  These are all areas that you need if you have to reset your E-teller password.

Also confirm that your distributions and payment transfers are correct.

Also important:  if your account is linked to another account, confirm that you can see everything you're supposed to see.  Visa accounts are not cross linked.  In other words, to see your spouse's (for example) VISA you have to log into the spouse's account.

Call Evelyn if you have any questions.





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